The Armor of God


Ephesians 6:10-20

He encourages us to be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Since human effort is inadequate but the Power of God is invincible which is unbeatable (verse10).

Apostle Paul describes the spiritual battle that takes place against evil in the heavenly realm (verse12). It is not against by the flesh and blood but these are beings in the unseen world.

In verse 13, he says that we need to “stand your ground” and “Stand firm”. This verse indicates the full Armor of God. So that if the day will come describe in verse 12, we could be able to stand on ground and firm with good foundation.


What are the Armor of God?

  1. Belt of truth (verse14). Paul reminds us to buckle this belt around our waist. It a symbolic clothing of Messiah. In Isaiah 11:5 it says that: Righteousness will be his belt and faithfulness the sash around his waist. If we will going to wear the Belt of truth, we will not grow tired and stumbles (Isaiah5:27) because He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak (Isaiah 40:29).
  2. Breastplate of righteousness. God himself is symbolically described as putting on a breastplate of righteousness when he goes forth to bring about justice.
  3. Sandal of peace (Verse15) A feet fitted with readiness. A description of messenger feet (Isaiah 52:7). A feet who brings the good news. A reference to messengers who ran from the scene of a battle to bring news to the outcome to a waiting king. It reflects the custom of running barefooted, here the message of the gospel is picturesquely connected with the protective and supportive footgear of the Romansoldier, the Gospel of peace.
  4. Shield of faith (Verse16) is vitally important to a soldier. It provides a blanket of protection. It is meant to be taken up in all circumstances. It is the first barrier against the enemy attack. A Christian who takes up the shield of faith identifies himself as a foot soldier who serves the Commander of the Lord´s army (Joshua 5:14). In Hebrew 11:1 says “Now death is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Verse 6, “Without faith it is impossible to please God”. Satan attacks can sometimes cause us to doubt God. Faith prompts us to believe God. We give in to temptation when we believe that it has to offer is better than what God has promised. Faith reminds us that, though fulfilment of God´s promise may not be readily visible to us, God is true to His word. When Satan attempts to plaque us with doubts or entice us with instant gratification, faith recognized the deceptiveness of his tactics and quickly extinguished the arrows.
  5. The Helmet of Salvation (Verse17) When a soldier suited up for a battle, the helmet was the last piece of armor to go on. It was the final act of readiness in preparation for a combat. A helmet was vital for survival, protecting the brain, command the station for the rest of the body. If the head was badly damaged, the rest of the armor would be little use. The Idea in this verse is that, as we prepare for Satan´s attack , we must grab that helmet and buckle it on tightly. Salvation is not limited to a one-time act old the past or even a future hope. God´s salvation as an on-going, eternal state that His children enjoy in the present. It is daily protection and deliverance from our sin nature and Satan schemes.

Points to remember:

  1. Renew our mind. Our mind is a battlefield. Instruct to renew our mind. Allows God´s word to wipe out anything contrary to it.
  2. Rejects doubts – Stand on your faith. God rewards our faith; we can choose to believe what appears impossible (Hebrew 11:6).
  3. Keep eternal perspective when life crashes in around us, we must remember to look up. Our salvation is the most precious gift we have received.
  4. Remember that victory is already accomplished. When we consider ourselves “Dead to sin but alive to God”.
  5. Find all our hope in Him. Our helmet is most effective when we treasure what is represents.
  6. The Sword of the Spirit. This is our offense and defense. We need to immerse ourselves to the word of God. In Hebrew 4:12 God refers to His Word as a sword. The word is described as living and active and sharper than a double-edge sword. The Word of God reaches the heart the very center of action and lays open the motives and feeling of those it touches. The purpose of the sword of the Spirit is to make us strong and able to withstand the evil onslaughts of Satan. The more we know and understand the Word of God, the more useful we will be in doing the will of God and the more effective we will be in standing against the enemy of our souls.
  7. Pray in the Spirit – it is very important that we commune to God always.











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The Ethical Issues of Blogging

The widespread of social media has its own risk. There is a danger that everyone can commit and encounter. However, this dos and don’ts can be prevented if the pattern will be use properly.

As I mentioned in my first blog, one-way of reaching the social media is through blogging, I also mentioned, there are some risk. And these pitfalls must be a guideline for the bloggers to be careful and sensitive enough in promoting their ministry, churches and opinions. Since blog is being published socially, thousands of people can be reach in such a split of seconds.

But what are these dangers? Brian Bailey mentioned in his books, the Blogging Church gave points of this. Everyone should be aware of the ethical issues and legal things that a bloggers will do. Particularly in your church and your ministry. There are no excuses once you commit these mistakes since people are reading your stories and sometimes they depends on you, your sources and how you shape their lives.

Here are some dangers ethical issues that need to be prevented. To be effective bloggers, you must be committed all the times. You can’t say that you will just write if you have time. Keep your eye on tract. Church leaders can not only post a one blog then make another blog after a week. An effective blog should be follow up by another blog. This is the time that you can monitor if your readers are satisfied and understand your message.

As a church blogger, your stories must be reliable. What does it means? You should be confident enough in all your stories and it should be credible enough to transmit your message base on facts and truth. In a mission text, set aside your personal issues, instead your opinion will be base on experiences that certainly adapted in biblical context. Remember your blog is your passion towards the people to be reach and to inform them about who Jesus Christ is. Your credibility depends on your blogs and how you live your life accordingly.

Avoid ownership this will destroy your integrity and of course your church dignity. Learning from others and recognizing them is a good thing. Avoid quoting as if the content is yours; in short be creative to make your own, plagiarism in not your personality.

Don’t make another blog in different website without the support of your church especially if you are promoting your church. This is very unethical to your congregation, to your pastor and church members. Even you are a blogger in your church; there is a structural authority of the body of the church. This means that respect is really good by just informing them. Remember the privacy of the church is very important for the whole congregation. Every thing is confidential.

There are also critical moments in your blog, depending on how your readers will understand and the manifestation of your message. Sometimes the risk of criticism, bashers etc. is one example of having a bad blog. Not everyone can appreciate your blog. Be careful in answering your reader’s question that can be offending or sometimes that can trap you in the middle of the conversation. Sometimes bloggers can also default the reader feedback. Church blogger is not ideal to do this because the risk of promoting trust in defining and finding the truth of your message will be lost. The use of your blog is to reach out people, to help, spread the Gospel, and encourage etc. if this method will be use the interaction will be very poor.

The message of your blog is to give your readers their main objective. Your message must be presented with a particular angle; it should be base on truth. Your blog must be reliable and trusted. Don’t make a blog base on gossip but by evidence. And lastly it should be credible. Tony Watkins said, credibility is the way we do things, that matters things. Meaning it should not be tied up with qualification but tied up with the context, which we live.






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The Reason for Blogging

What is blog? How does blog affects our society? According to Brian Bailey blogging allows you to connect and communicate in a cheap, easy and personal way. What does it means? Your blog is being hosted by you or your staff. In church perspective and strategy, blogging is an advance way for all Christian leaders to be effective in their daily ministry. Since social media has an effective attraction to our society, it is their privilege, the churches to raise the banner of their faith and belief.

Without any condemnation, brochures, tracks and pamphlets etc. is no longer effective in our modern society. Since technology is being upgrading all the times, I think churches particularly church leaders and staff needs to be upgraded in their own knowledge and skills regarding the benefits of using the technology that we have.

The main purpose of the blog is to transmit message, a communication strategy. Through technology the transmitted words can reach a thousand of people in just a minute. The idea of having a blog in every church is a powerful way to be known, heard and see. Imagine a one blog that can reach a thousand of people. The value of this blog is very important if the word of God was being publish. The vision of your church can be seen through your blogs. Church identity can be shared, questions can be answered etc. According to Brian Bailey, the readers can have a clear pictures of your church, your belief and core values. Your church identity can share what is happening in your church and their mission.

Readers oftenly interested in reading a blog for them to be updated and informed. By this means, if every churches is capable of doing a blog, the church will grow in social media, many people will be reach, evangelisation and desciple-making will be more effective. Blogging is not only a means of personal view, however if the goal of the church is to spread the value of the church, this is an easy task to do it.

Bloggers particularly church leaders can start their conversation. This means of communication will help every churches to develops a relationship through their readers in such a way that listening and interaction is being modified. If readers are satisfied in your blog, if the truth is being understood, your readers will be enlightened. Your stories can build a community with one faith and belief. This community means is an online community. Wherein it changes lives, the impact goes to one person to another and can be succesful anytime.

The value of the church must not be stagnant. Every churche needs to grow in all aspects not only in their traditional way of reaching people. But this is a challenge for all churches to go out in their shell and explore what the modern world can give to them for a better, easy and reliable method of reaching people. That’s why it is very important for the church leaders to have atleast open their heart to commit in this method and not be contented on their daily routine.

However, blogging is not always a perfect way in communication strategy. Of course there are also some issues and risk to be cared about, so that the churches can avoid some conflicts which will be discuss on my preceding blog. But come to think of it, everything that we know inside the church, it involves others. The truth, the faith, the belief, the perception of who is Jesus Christ, it involves others. It is not only us should benefit. A lot of souls are waiting to be save, so it is a calling for all the churches to be involve in social media particularly blogging as their main tool to communicate.


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Blogging approach to Christian Leaders


What is blogging? It is basically a websites or applications that enable users, to create and share contents,  to participate in social networking. Enable users, these are ordinary people, with professions or with out, or this could be the chance for Christian leaders to be use by their skills in different way.

What is my point here? Christian leaders should grow up in their knowledge and skills. They must explore the world in the advances in our present generation not only being traditional leaders. What do I mean? We should face the facts that many of our Christian leaders don’t involve in social media. I don’t know how or why but may be its because they are contented to their old and lifestyle routine of spreading the gospel.

But come to think of it. In just a second, through blog, your message will be spread ten times than your usual routine. I don’t want to be biased on this but knowing and adapting what our society can give us today in terms of technology, I think this is a very good chance for us Christians to be more effective in spreading the gospel.

With no offense of a traditional way of evangelizing and descipling which I highly respected, and believed also that it is effective for one on one conversation. What if, lets make use of social media? Instead of one person, this could be doubles. Through your blog every reader could comment, critique your view. This will not only involve one person but as many readers you have.

Another point, why don’t churches have a live streaming for their Sunday service? May be you will ask me how about the small congregations? Or the churches that do not have that big economy. Will they afford that? Or maybe it is only applicable for the big churches? My answer is not. Every church is capable of doing it. The only think that they need to have is the ability of Christian’s leaders or Pastors to have knowledge on how to do it. The easy way to for you to be reach by other people is by recording your preaching’s and uploads it in social media, we have Facebook, YouTube’s and podcast and more. You don’t need to expense a lot of money like big congregations for reaching people.

I believed, churches, Christians leaders, pastors, and young people, if they will do this strategy by using social media in terms of spreading the gospel, more people will be save, grow in their Christian life in maturity, and more people will be enlighten of who is Jesus Christ in their life.

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I want to know your Ideas

This is an open forum to everyone to know your ideas or concept in regards to cross cultural or traditions and belief in sectoral and in different christian denominations in terms of pre-marital sex and live in partners outside marriage. Your ideas will be my study guide on how christians, Pastors, Bishops and church leaders or elders handle this kind of situation. How you deal it in terms of empowerment, transformation and reconciliation.

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Songs for Christ

musc to reach people

music to reach people



To give all the highest praise and honor to God through worship.

Inspiring young generation to worship God.


It is not about the song but its all about how the message of the song leads you to have a heart of worship. The spirit is the core of our life or who we are. Worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth and it is an act of declaration that God is worthy of our recognition.

”God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth” John 4:24.


The young generation is the target group because they are more active in new release of worship songs and a new style of worship. And this can be done through sound recording, live streaming concert, or personal recording of worship and posting it in youtube and Facebook. Since young generation has more connections with peers and they can able to use the digital tools easily it is more relevant for them to address this.

Possible solutions:

To accomplish this ministry we need to select a song leaders that will lead the the crowd to worship and by gathering a set of bands and instruments. It is not easy to find those people but we should always remember that our main goal is to deliver the people into worship.

Selections of songs to be sing. It important that they are prepared

Digital tool to be used:

Since technology offers us a variety means of communication in regards to digital tool, creating online videos, music recording and live streaming the best way to encourage people into worship if you want to watch in live. 

Expected outcome and there evaluation:

People will be blessed and encouraged. And by the grace of God the listener or the viewers will be guided by the Holy Spirit by leading them to worship in Spirit and Truth. The impact of the songs will give a refreshment to them specially in their spiritual life. This can also be the tool that people will encounter God and know Him in every messages that the songs can give. The songs will connect and bridge the gap between man and God.

As a evaluation for this, this is an effective way in promoting the importance of digital media in terms of our social ministry and for us to reach people not only through scriptures, writings but also having a live communication in connecting to the spirit of others specially in worship.













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Church and Mission in Ethical Issues


Since social media became the backbone of communication it connects us to the world. As a church, we are responsible to take the mission globally. That´s why social media is a big contribution for us believers, to accomplish this mission successfully. We have a strong advantage in blogging and other social engagement to spread the Gospel. We have the free world to express our opinions, our ideas to connect to people in promoting the God News because we are called for this.

As a bloggers or writers in our church, we should be very careful and be aware of the ethical framework base on the standard protocol of social media. Yes, we have a freedom of expression, however, we shoud remember that freedom must carry the legal protections of our church, readers, and viewers without causing them any harm which connects to the purpose of digital ethics.

There are lots of dilemma that social media can offer, but why not use and communicate in an advantage way that can bring enlightenment to everyone. Base on ethical issues, the truth of the gospel has no questions for anyone who believes in Christ. Despite of the fact, that there are contrast of Christ Godship, we can not deny that we share the truth as a mission for our church.

The public interest of bringing the truth is the most important in social media. The benefits of advertising the truth can help and open the eyes of the unbelievers and as a writer , you will be the instrument to voice out or to exposed the weaknesses of the fading churches and a dying mission to stand again.

Social media can express whatever they want because of the freedom of speech. However, in terms of truth of the gospel, the writer should must be aware of the integrity and the fairness of his or her belief compare to other churches. A justice apporach must always apply as a writer to avoid conflict and descrimination that can give burden to your reader. Being open and transparent is a key goal to have a successful mission. Accepting other strategies, open to other cultures will cut the hindrances and to have an effective way of communication.

Intellectual property is also important in any organization or even in the church. In doing the mission we should be aware in giving respect to the property and other resources that we will use. Even the ideas or the works of others, trust and loyalty is considered as intellectual property. This is a critical tool that we should always remember.

By knowing the ethical issues in digital media in a church sectors, is an important factors in social media since it is a force for the church, for a cultural change both within and outside their mission. People are seeking the social channels or social network for their questions to be answered spritually and it is a one way to encounter God within the digital world. It is a powerful way to influence the lives of each individual and to express our faith to Jesus Christ. As a church we are encouraged to be the light and salt as we participate in global conversation attainable in social media.


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The Pros and Cons of the Two Blogs

This blog help us to differentiate the positive and the negative aspects of the two blogs “Actually, that’s not in the bible” by John Blake, CNN and “God’s under the bed” in the application of their designs and usability and how effective it is to the readers.

First, I will differentiate the two blogs with its designs. As what Steve Jobs said “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.” So, your design is very important to draw people to your blog.

The design was very simple with a white background or the layout. Its theme is organized. Other blogs is place on the top and not scattered. In terms of spacing or the white spacing it doesn’t congest the reader and it easy to consume the information. The visual image used as a headline, communicates the content of its blog. The contents reveal the truth that the scriptures in the bible was misused and interpreted in a wrong way. While the other blog, the design is colourful with its background or layout. The wordings or spacing is crowded. The blog has no visual image.

Secondly, in terms of their usability, it gives us a clear navigation design which remains the same in all subpages and it is very broad wherein you can access and read it to the other links. The link given was With this framework it helps the readers to expand their interest in your blog site.

Third, the length and content are perfect. It is not too long to get the reader become bored and not short for the reader to miss other points or information. Both blogs are very influential and inspiring. It talks the truth. From the scriptural misused to the divinity of God.

Fourth, Multimodality – The first blog give us an interesting visual image in its headline that described its title at the same time this image communicates to the content of the blog. However, I believed it lacks a visual element to support or supplement the text, example in his article Jonah was swallowed by a whale or Satan tempted Adam and Eve. I think it is more effective for the reader to visualize the point of the writer so that the reader will give more interest to find the truth. The second blog lacks of images at all which sometimes leads the reader to ignore. However, with its writings and contents it’s really inspiring and encouraging.

Fifth, Integration with Social Media – Both blogs gives us the awareness. The misuse of the scripture in people personal view or interest and the awareness that God is a living God, in Kevin’s life.

With this critique, I hope it gives an interest with you not only the outside appearance of the page, however including its texts and contents.

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Discipleship reaching the Social Media

Every individual can do discipleship through social media. Well thats the advantage of social media. Being out of the congregation, or house visitation etc., discipleship ministry can be done anytime, anywhere and this is the biggest assets of media. Media give a big factor for all evangelist to share the gospel. Even a young boy or a girl can do that.

As the technology grows, everyone was enhance with their abilities in technology. As what I said even the young generation can do that. But what are the factors? Or how can we share the gospel, what are the methods? Is theirs any?

 3 ways to spread the Gospel in social media

  1. Simple posting of Bible verses wheather in facebook, Instragaram or twitter. This give a big impact to the reader. The verse itself will speak to the reader, because the words has a life on it. This might be an encouragement, a revelation or a comfort to the reader. I remember when I was so down and struggling with my faith, one verse that was posted in facebook lifted my spirit. And I believe at that moment, the Holy Spirit is talking to me. In that situation, I have no bible with me, no one was with me, it is simple the facebook was being used to post that bible verse to encouraged and pull me up again.
  1. Sharing your testimony. By posting it in your blogs or other social media network is another way of discipleship. By sharing the goodness of God, what He has done in our lives is one way of professing our faith to one person or a multiple person. Apostle Paul had testified what happened to him in the Damascus road. He described his life before and the circumstances that he faced and how his life was changed when he encountered Jesus Christ. With his testimony, it influenced the early church. The same with us, sharing our testimony can give enlightenment to all the peole who is strungling with their faith, or this can be the way to restore a broken relationship or to raise a broken spirit.
  1. Another way is by posting a worship song, or a video that gives worship to God and exaltation to His name. Hillsong is one of the best example. They were around the social media. Youtube was one. With their songs, they lead us to worship. The song itself and its message give us the conviction and revelation.

 With this examples, we can see that discipleship has no limitation. We can have a free access to communicate. It has no boundary or barriers in connecting people and in sharing the gospel. It is an easy way to reach people, to have a conversion with them with out any edge.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

Romans 1:16

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You are Amazing


Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God
All powerful, untameable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God




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